Who We Are

Kight & Associates employs some of the country’s leading authorities on Pre-K-12 school turnaround and improvement. In addition to being former practitioners and school leaders, over the past 15 years, we have on-the-ground expertise partnering with teachers and leaders in over 500 public and private schools, 70 districts, and at least 23 states delivering systemic, data-based, and dramatic performance improvements.

A Comprehensive Approach to Transformation

K&A partners with schools, districts, and state education agencies to build the support, systems, and processes necessary to achieve dramatic results. Due to our unique combination of experience, skills, and expertise, we are one of the only organizations in the country capable of taking a comprehensive and customized approach to helping teachers, education leaders, and organizations achieve transformative improvement.  From high-quality teacher support to world-class executive leadership education for school and district leaders, our team has designed and delivered tailored transformation support for schools, districts, and state education agencies across the United States and around the world. 

Our Methodology & Why We Are Different

We work with our partners on-site and virtually in their respective schools, districts, and organizations. When possible, we deliver services to the entire organization allowing a critical mass of leaders and teachers to engage in the work firsthand. We have found this approach is far more effective and equitable than hearing content second-hand from a comparatively small group of representatives who have participated in off-site development programs or conferences. 

In most partnerships, we begin by assisting our partners in assessing the effectiveness of their current strategies, practices, and programs and identifying focus areas to leverage for improvement. Based on this assessment, we build the capacity to drive transformative change and sustainable results. We do this by developing and delivering programs customized to help teachers and leaders develop the competencies, skills, knowledge, and tools to address their most significant challenges. We also provide follow-up support to help our partners implement new learning and build long-term success and sustainability capacity. 

While our collaboration with each partner may vary in focus, form, and duration depending on their specific needs, K&A adheres to the following principles:

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