Partnering with schools to achieve dramatic results. 

Our unique combination of experiences, skills, and expertise make us one of the only organizations in the country capable of taking a comprehensive and customized approach to helping education organizations achieve transformative growth. 

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What We Do

Kight & Associates collaborates with schools, districts, and states to develop leaders and teachers and build the support, systems, processes, and instructional infrastructure (curriculum, assessment, data, collaboration, observation and feedback, and monitoring structures) necessary to achieve dramatic results.  Due to our unique combination of experience, skills, and expertise, we are capable of taking a comprehensive and customized approach to helping education leaders, teachers, and organizations achieve transformative improvement. To that end, we offer the following services and supports customized to meet each partner’s specific needs.

We begin every engagement by helping our partners assess the effectiveness of current strategies, practices and programs and identify focus areas to leverage for improvement.

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